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The Power of Propaganda; Full throttle Ad Industry.

Forget witchcraft, hypnosis,voodoo, jesus or anything like it. What really get us doing what they want is the Ad Industry.

Smoke kills. McDonald’s CEO is the Devil himself. Coke’s made of broken Inka souls growing on the coca fields. Who cares when there’s such a feeling of contentment a big mac away from you!


What makes eating a bunch of processed crap; inhalating a highly addictive toxic plant or drinking a 110% calcium-dissolver sugary beverage such a blast? Your brain+ your life distresses.


Gypsy lady knows what’s good to keep her young and kicking it.

Ads use the general society’s complaints as stimule to add placebos in their products. Of course smoking is highly addictive, same thing with sugar. But what makes us look for these products in the first place or even keep getting them when we aren’t phisically addicted is what intrigues me. I think the most convincing answer to that is that we’re not far from dummies in media hands. and that mcdonald’s’ serving the new delicious chicken wrap, with extra life sense and fulfillment in the large menu, for only $1 more.


tips: http://killercoke.org/ for each liter of cola you drink, 2 children are murdered in colombia. Recycle the cans and bottles now and pay for their caskets.