Banksy and the wittiest contemporary art.

What is with Banksy that makes his artwork so humorous, yet a short sharp shock to our response to society’s misbehaves?

I don’t know much about art – actually I would probably be placed in the kitschy drawer by any connoisseur, enthusiast or blasé wannabes. I don’t give a tinker’s cuss. For me, art or any other thing worthed paying attention to, has to be challenging. and there comes Banksy.


His ingenious work put humour, social criticism in the ink, causes amazement and is a yawn-free way to point society’s flaw. To sum up: in such an alarmist yet numb society there’s some good street cutting edge philosophy other than cheap social backed grafitti, alienate demonstrations and fake equality crave. There’s, after all, a Banksy at the end of the tunnel.



3 responses to “Banksy and the wittiest contemporary art.

  1. great text, fellow.

  2. Iebaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, eu entendi mta coisa… pára de ser carente como o keiti-O gato gandalf te amo

  3. e aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii rickkkkkkkkkkkk!??? e samPAAAA!??????????????

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